You never suffer from a money problem, you suffer with an idea problem...

Nsīà- Akan meaning Sixth Born

Greetings All and welcome to my page!

I started designing pieces five years ago, but only began selling within the past two years.

I would describe my work as culturally centered. I take a great deal of pride in my Culture and I hope to share my love and appreciation through my work.

Nsia, I wanted a name that represented who I am and the role that I play in this beautiful world... Thus Creations by Nsia was born!

I am a mother of two beautiful boys who encourage me everyday to be my best.

❤️All my work is freestyled, I never really sit down with a set design, so if you want something specific to you please don't hesitate to ask!

👏🏽Again, I thank you for visiting my page. Please stay tuned as I'm always creating something new!!!

☺️ I price my artwork accordingly. Even if they are the same size, prices may be higher than others because of the time it was put in making them.

🤩You can also find me on Instagram @creations_by_nsia